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This years guest speaker at the Comrades Shabbos Dinner is . . . 

DEAN WIGHTDean Wight is the brainchild behind Beloved Long Runs, a running group designed to get you to the start, and finish, of the Comrades Marathon. Dean is a recipient of the Gems Spirit Of Comrades award. Dean has an astounding 32 Comrades medals under his belt.




Photos of Comrades 2012 can be found here!! click







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COMRADES 2007  (pictures)

Run in Here...

 We'll be there again this year!!

Watch out for the Mitzvah - Mobile Unit and Chabad stand at Hillcrest  just before the bend before the highway as you leaving Hillcrest. Stop for a minute to put on Tefillin. Have something to eat and drink or simply say Shalom!!

Comrades Marathon  is one of our highlights of the year. This is a marathon run of more than 90 kilometers and we station the Mitzvah Tank along the route supporting the Jewish runners. That is putting on Tefillin with them, saying Tehillim, letting them make a Bracha on some juice or a sweet or a fruit, giving them some Tzedaka to put in a Pushka or even just a hug!!. This is a fantastic day for Mivtzoim - Mitzvah outreach, enjoyed  by all who take part... including the runners.

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See you there!!

See pictures of the Chabad Mobile Unit at Comrades by running here (2007)


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