Over the past years, the Shabbos Comrades Dinner and lunch has grown and become so much part of the Comrades weekend experience.  This year, being the 96th year of Comrades and Chabad’s - 26th at the Comrades, we hope to make the weekend even more special for you.  

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The cost is R360 adults per person and R180 for children for the dinner. Friday evening     7 June 2024. The dinner will be catered buffet style and will commence after Shul at approximately 7:15pm and end by 9:30pm. 

The Shabbos day lunch will follow a Comrades Kiddush after Shul which is great fun.  Lunch cost R280 Adults and children less than 12 years R150.


This year’s guest speaker at the Shabbos Dinner is...


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7 June 2024

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8 June 2024 

for adults @  R280 and children under 12 years @ R150.

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Looking forward to making this years Comrades Experience better than ever!! 

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