Seder Table

The Festival of Freedom : Pesach (Passover):  

April 22 (Night-time - 1st Seder) - April 30, 2024

Sell Your Chametz (Green)

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Please join us at our annual communal seders (Adults R400 under 12years R180 - RSVP here or call 0315612487/ Whatsapp 0825500503), (Lunch first 2 days R340per person) and take advantage of our Pesach-related services and events. Accommodation at Flamingo Lodge which is a 1minute walk fro the Shul.

 ***There is a custom to give money to the poor before Pesach. If you would like to donate please  click here.  

Accommodation at Flamingo Lodge,  Speak with Sarit 0655792972

 Available on 0825500503 / 0315612487