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A Jew may not own Chometz (leavened products) over Pesach. Traditionally, we lock away our Chometz and utensils used for Chometz for the duration of the holiday. We then sell these to a non-Jew. Please note that this form is not a bill of sale, rather a document authorising Chabad House to act as your agent to arrange the sale of your Chometz for you.

PLEASE NOTE: This form must be emailed  to us by no later than Friday 19  April 2019 at 7am. Chametz cannot be eaten later than 9:30am on Friday the 19 April 2019. The Final time of burning the Chametz is 10am Friday 19 April 2019!! (Times for DURBAN and UMHLANGA ROCKS and surrounding areas)

This form can be printed and emailed to your Beth Din. The Johannesburg Beth Din South Africa - Feel free to submit this form online and have it sent for you. .

I (we) the undersigned, hereby authorise the Beth Din of Johannesburg to sell to a non-Jew all the Chometz (leaven and leavened foods) that will be found anywhere in my possession on the 14th Nissan (19 April 2019) along with selling or renting the space that they occupy. I recognise and accept that this will be a full and proper sale, and that the non-Jewish purchaser will have the right to do with the above-mentioned articles as he sees fit, and I assume no responsibility over them.




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